Saskatchewan Bus Charter and Tour Company - Odyssey Coach Lines

Sky Dancer Casino

Belcourt, ND

Shopping included at Walmart and Runnings in Bottineau, ND (1/2 hour away). The main area at Sky Dancer is now all NON-SMOKING (there is a smaller smoking area in another room). If you are getting coupons in the mail from Sky Dancer, you can use them on this tour, just let me know and we will reduce the price of tour by the coupon amount.

**For this tour, bring your lunch as we do not stop for lunch.

**On this 3 day/2 night tour we stay at Sky Dancer Casino Resort for two nights. While we are staying at Sky Dancer, we will drive 1/2 hour to Bottineau, ND for shopping. All Tower rooms at Sky Dancer.

Sky Dancer is not yet offering any Bus package as such, but IS offering $100 at par after getting 25 points per day while we are there. So, up to $300 at par is possible!

Wednesday is Senior's Day at Sky Dancer where 55+ earn 30 points for $20 in free play.

Sky Dancer also offers a new player and birthday month/anniversary program.

Pickup Times in Saskatoon

  • Lawson Heights Mall in front of London Drugs - 6:00 am
  • McDonalds Confed - 6:10 am
  • Market Mall - 6:25 am
  • McDonalds Center Mall - 6:40 am

Pickup Times in Moose Jaw

  • NW corner Walmart parking lot - 8:40 am

Pickup Times in Regina

  • Southland Mall food court door, South Side - 9:30 am




(per person, taxes included)

Double: $335

Single: $472

Triple: $294

Quad: $274

Disclaimer: Odyssey Coach Lines Inc. cannot be held responsible for any changes to a rebate package. Casinos maintain the right to change programs at will.